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The Barwells shop closed 24th December 2011. The shop has been taken over by Patisserie Valerie who will continue to sell our popular Sausage Rolls. You can still order from us a wide range of our popular products, and we will offer a home delivery within Suffolk twice a week.

The decision to operate on line will commence as soon as our new web site has been constructed. Meanwhile, please feel free to ring Judy on 01284 736859. Monday to Friday Or send Judy an email:


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We are proud members of the Farm Assured Scheme Our meat defines the standards of today priority, therefore all our beef comes from only the most supreme cattle, chosen at the right age for their muscles depth.



All our Poultry products are "Freedom Poultry" and are traceable back to the British Farm. They meet the strict specifications set up by RSPCA & DEFRA

Wines & Spirits

Wines & Spirits

A selection of our Gales Country Wines and our best selling Kirsberry Liqueur.



Our farmed venison comes from The Denham Estate set in acres of picturesque Suffolk countryside with a herd numbering up to 3000 Fallow Deer Our seasonal venison comes from the Ashridge estate.

Sausages, Burgers & Cooked Meats

Sausages, Burgers & Cooked Meats

We produce all our own sausages from our Farm Assured Pork including the renown Dixon Sausages. Our own produced burgers are from our Beef, Pork & Lamb.


Home Dessert Pies & Puddings

Our desserts puddings and pies are all made to our HOME recipes. Our biggest seller has to be our Fruit Pies, Pear & Almond Tart & our Christmas Pudding!


Home Meals & Side Dishes

Our popular ready meals, pies & side dishes.

Marmalades and Pickles

Home Sausage Rolls | Pasties & Quiches

Our own popular, award winning sausage rolls, pasties & quiches.

hams and bacons

Hams & Bacon

Bacon, Gammon & Haggis. All our bacon is dry cured and tastes as bacon should! Our Haggis is the award winning Macsweens Haggis made in Edinburgh.